What is Yoga-Informed Therapy?

Kristin started her yoga journey in 1994 in New Mexico and has never looked back. She began exploring a deeper integration of weaving yoga philosophy into her work some years ago after attending an intro workshop to Trauma-Sensitive Yoga at Prairie Yoga. She then became certified in Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy taught by Somatic Experiencing colleagues and

yogis: Francine Kelley and Livia Budrys. These trainings paved the way for bringing more yoga into the trauma work Kristin was doing with clients.


Eventually, after navigating through some of life’s obstacles and detours, Kristin enrolled in Prairie Yoga’s 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training led Reeny Linstrom and Rebecca Stiles. As Bessel Van der Kolk states, “the issues are in the tissues”, Kristin believes Yoga offers a tangible tool to access the tissues of the system through breath work and asana. Whatever thought or behavior patterns we tend to operate from generally show up on the mat. Kristin uses yoga in her practice to match the state of a client’s nervous system and bring about shifts. This may be done through any of the 8 limbs of yoga including asana, pranayama (breath-work), and dhyana (meditation). Kristin has completed Tias Little’s SATYA (Sensory Awareness for Yoga Attunement) Level 1 training as well. Kristin is also a certified instructor with Love Your Brain Yoga, yoga adapted for persons with traumatic brain injury.


Yoga-Informed Sessions

Kristin is currently offering small group prenatal yoga classes entitled: Embodied Moms.

This nourishing, supportive class weaves in prenatal yoga asanas (postures), guided meditation and pranayama, Somatic Experiencing, Attachment Theory and Creative Process.


This class is limited to 4 students. Please contact Kristin if interested.