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Embodied Union


This 8-week nourishing and supportive, trauma-informed workshop series is designed to honor the experience and potential embodiment of pregnancy using a specially developed collaborative and interactive approach to yoga.  Influenced by yoga traditions, Somatic Experiencing, Secure Attachment, and Creative Process, we’ll acknowledge and embrace your emotional, spiritual, and physical experiences prior to pregnancy and guide you towards attunement and connection with the life inside you now. 


Each class will begin with a theme and an opportunity for brief discussion and check-in. Next, we’ll move together through a tapestry of Yoga (movement, breath, mantra, sound, guided meditation) Somatic Experiencing (a body-centered approach to supporting regulation) and exercises to support, encourage, and develop Secure Attachment practices. 

No prior experience with yoga is required.

Prior to the workshop series, participants will meet with Kristin for an individual 15-minute session to share relevant background/history and answer any questions.

To establish and maintain a supportive and connected community, this workshop series is limited to 12 participants.

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Embodied Union Workshop

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Co-Regulation and Self-Regulation for Parents:

Parenting Through a Polyvagal and Attachment Informed Lens


This experiential workshop was developed for primary caregivers and parents of children aged infant to adult who are interested in making relational safety and compassion-guided decisions in their parenting. An understanding of Stephen Porges's Polyvagal Theory (the autonomic nervous system as the foundation for how we engage with our environment) will be incorporated throughout the workshop. This workshop will be limited to 20 participants.

Recent Workshops Facilitated


UCAN Residential Staff  "Supporting You, Supporting Youth", an experiential and collaborative workshop. A trauma responsive and attachment-informed approach to regulation and co-regulation with youth.

I Can Dream Center  “Somatic and Co-Regulation 101”, an experiential and collaborative workshop focusing on regulation and co-regulation through a trauma and attachment informed lens.

Other Workshop Topics


Discovering Physical and Emotional Boundaries

Somatic And Relational Support for Mental Health and Medical Professionals

Trauma and Attachment Informed Training for Residential Staff

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