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Integrative Somatic Therapy and Yoga Therapy

“Trauma is not the story, trauma is the vibration that remains behind the story.” 

 -Alaine Duncan


I see our work together as sacred.


Spiritual compassion and trauma informed care are central components to the way I work, embracing a relational, collaborative, strengths-based approach that meets you wherever you are. 


We will work together with curiosity to support integration of the body and mind towards feeling more aliveness, wholeness and at home in yourself.


I have over 25 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families, providing specialized support on a range of issues including: 


shock and developmental trauma 

pre/perinatal trauma

intergenerational, historical, and cultural trauma 

medical trauma 

medical professional burn-out / compassion fatigue 



self-harming behaviors




maternal health 

chronic pain 

challenging relationships with food and body

parenting issues 

grief and loss 

stress management 

life transitions 

suicidal thoughts
addiction recovery

I continue to cultivate a practice rooted in Somatic Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Poly-Vagal Theory (a neuroscience framework for understanding the role of the vagus nerve in emotion regulation, fear response and social connection) and Spiritual Practices.


My approach is highly integrative, informed by my depth of training in both ancient and modern, spiritual and scientific practices, combining these in ways that will best support healing and reclaiming energy from overwhelming or traumatic experiences. My intention is to find the most valuable approach with you to connect with more ease and peace in your mind, body, heart and soul. 


Work with me    

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