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Guiding clients in restoring more aliveness, wholeness and ease in their lives is my passion, utilizing a holistic approach that involves Somatic, Relational and Spiritual healing techniques. 


I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters of Social Service and Administration from the University of Chicago and practitioner of Somatic Experiencing (SE), DARe, Somatic Touch and Internal Family Systems (IFS). For over 20 years, I have studied both eastern and western modalities and philosophies and am a certified Yoga Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher Zen Shiatsu Practitioner and Birth Doula. Currently, I practice psychotherapy, energy work and bodywork in Oak Park, IL, primarily working with adolescents and adults in my private practice. 


Through my years of study and practice, I have deeply explored the body’s response to traumas and stresses. I have become increasingly invested in the body-mind-spirit connection, realizing the talking piece of releasing old experiences, patterns and emotions are important, though in many cases not enough. As I embraced this knowledge of our body holding onto our experiences, both positive and challenging or traumatic, I realized the body and spirit needed equal, if not more support in releasing these adaptive patterns that may be holding us back from being in full connection with ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. In sessions, I use an integrative approach utilizing body-centered therapies and practices to support meaningful shifts in clients. 


I am the creator of "Embodied Union" (LINK to Workshops Page) a trauma-informed 8-week prenatal yoga workshop incorporating the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Somatic Experiencing, creative process and experiential relational practices. I am also honored to be part of Prison Yoga Chicago (PYC). PYC provides trauma-informed Yoga as a rehabilitative tool and a form of social activism for individuals impacted by the criminal legal system. I have the privilege of being a Yoga Guide with PYC, as well as a part of the Education and Yoga Programming Committee. 


I am committed to raising awareness of sexual violence and supporting programs that support preventative education and training.  Currently, I am a member of the Associate Board of Resilience (formerly Rape Victims Advocates), an organization that, since 1974, has been on the front lines of working with of working with survivors of sexual violence.  


I am an approved Session Provider for students of Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe). I am also an approved Consultation Provider for students of SE and provide clinical supervision, consultation and somatic mentoring for mental health professionals who wish to incorporate body-centered practices into their clinical work. LINK to Consulting for Professionals Page


I am personally supported by a loving partner and three children, now young adults, as well as a Golden Retriever we call Janie. I genuinely respect the partnership and privilege of collaborating with clients to facilitate their inner wisdom toward healing.

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