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Consultations for Professionals

Throughout my professional journey, I have been trained and supported by many inspiring professional and spiritual teachers who have shared their knowledge, expertise and wisdom to further my work. 


I am honored to now have the opportunity to share my cumulative experiences with other professionals in support of their path. I love to celebrate and promote growth in others through my supportive presence, intuition and reliable and informed feedback.


I am an approved Session Provider and Consultation Provider for students of Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe) certification program. I also provide clinical consultation for mental health professionals who would like to incorporate somatic work into their therapy practice. For clinicians who would like to take a deeper dive into embodiment practices, I offer Somatic Mentoring, a highly individualized approach that supports enriching the mind-body-spirit aspects of your work.  


For over 25 years, I have worked in private practice and with various public institutions including community mental health, Oak Park and River Forest High School and various home-based mental health programs. I served as Clinical Director of a therapeutic day school in Chicago, a Treatment Worker with Children, Youth and Families Department in New Mexico and have provided clinical supervision in a variety of settings. I have also worked as part of a team in holistic wellness settings both in CA and IL.


I have had the honor to work with amazing teachers and my work is influenced by their deep wisdom including Peter Levine, Dave Berger, Linda Stelte, Ariel Giaretto, Euphrasia Nyaki, Russell Jones, Anthony “Twig” Wheeler, Kathy Kain, Stephen Terrell, Aline LaPierre, Alicen Halquist, Diane Poole Heller, Matthew Sweigart, Waturi Ohashi, Alaine Duncan, Michael Deagro, Winter Jade, Susan Lipschutz, Resmaa Menakem, Chris Burris, Gwen Hurd, Kimberly Johnson, Deb Dana, Stephen Porges, Arielle Schwartz, Janina Fisher, Deirdre Fay.


I also enjoy facilitating workshops on topics such as Discovering Physical and Emotional Boundaries, Poly-vagal and Attachment Informed Parenting, Somatic and Relational support for Mental Health and Medical Professionals, Trauma-Informed and Attachment-Informed training for residential staff, Self-Care Embodiment Practices for Health Care Providers, and Co-Regulation and Self-Regulation for Parents, among others. A Certified and attachment-informed Birth Doula and Prenatal Yoga Guide, I am the creator of "Embodied Union" a trauma-informed 8-week prenatal yoga class incorporating the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Somatic Experiencing, creative process and experiential relational practices.  More about Workshops


The breadth of my work has involved engaging with a wide range of populations experiencing:

shock and developmental trauma 

pre/perinatal trauma

intergenerational, historical, and cultural trauma 

medical trauma 

medical professional burn-out / compassion fatigue 



self-harming behaviors




maternal health 

chronic pain 

challenging relationships with food and body

parenting issues 

grief and loss 

stress management 

life transitions 

suicidal thoughts
addiction recovery


I welcome the opportunity to talk with you and learn more about your needs and goals. 

Please contact me to discuss my consulting services for professionals. 

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